Service for Miscarriage or Stillbirth

[Download pdf]     [Download .doc] SERVICE FOR MISCARRIAGE OR STILLBIRTH   Preamble: Funeral services have their own unique challenges, but a service for a stillborn child, or a service in the event of a miscarriage, is complicated by the fact that one cannot offer tributes that celebrate accomplishments or recall the personality of the […]

Suicide – A Funeral Sermon Resource

download pdf Suicide – A Funeral Sermon Resource This message was preached at a funeral service following a suicide. It proved to be a powerful word of encouragement in the midst of tragic circumstances and is provided here as a sermon example and resource. It is used with permission from the officiating pastor, Rev. Park, […]

Theology of Possessions

Download [pdf]  [Word doc] What About Our Stuff? A Theology of Possessions   “My rest is a weapon against the oppression of man’s obsession to control things”  Josh Garrels, “The Resistance.” “Oh great mammon of form and function, careless consumerist consumption  Dangerous dysfunction described as expensive taste.” Josh Garrels, Zion and Babylon “No one can serve […]

Sanctification: Free Methodist Position

SANCTIFICATION  download pdf – download .doc WHERE DOES THE FREE METHODIST CHURCH STAND RE: SANCTIFICATION? (An essay with origins in preparations for the course “Heart of Canadian Free Methodism”) Doctrinal statements evolve over time.  The church wrestles to find adequate language to remain faithful and clear.  This usually happens when the church senses the need […]

Child Abuse Prevention Policy

It is the purpose of the Church to: provide a safe environment for Children who are in attendance at the Church’s facilities or who participate in Church-sanctioned activities and programs wherever they may be carried out. ensure that as a faith community the Church fulfills its obligations to the safeguard the interests of the Children […]

Prayer Guide – January 2009

Prayer Guide for January 8-9, 2009Days of Prayer and Fasting As we begin the journey into 2009, let’s pray with Moses: “You have said, ‘I know you by name and you have found favor with me.’ If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find […]

Something the Donkey Noticed

“Something the Donkey Noticed”A short story by Keith Elford The little donkey stood in the stall, wisps of hay dropping to the hard, packed earth floor as he tugged it from the crude manger and munched quietly in the darkness. We don’t know if the little donkey had a name, only that he is a […]

Wesleyan Perspectives on Women in Ministry

download pdf Wesleyan Perspectives on Women in Ministry Karen Strand Winslow, Ph.D. Azusa Pacific University July 2005 This presentation was created to address a need in Free Methodist churches for education about the ordination and placement of women pastors in order that people in and out of the church might experience the salvation of God […]