Children’s Communion Brochure

CHILDREN’S COMMUNION BROCHURE Download pdf Topics included: What is Communion? Why do we have this ritual? What is the purpose of Communion? Ask your parents Should I take Communion? Preparing for Communion? Used in conjunction with the “Children’s Communion Brochure – Leaders Guide”

Marc McAlister – Director of Church Health

Biography Marc has served in pastoral ministry with the Free Methodist Church in Canada for over 20 years, and is currently serving as lead pastor of Sault Ste. Marie Free Methodist Church. Marc and his wife Laurie have been pastoring at the Sault Ste. Marie church for the past 11 years. Marc previously served as […]

Seven Steps toward Free Methodist Renewal

download [.doc]   download [.pdf] Seven Steps toward Free Methodist Renewal Howard A. Snyder [From Howard Snyder, “Seven Keys to Free Methodist Renewal,” in Gerald E. Bates and Howard A. Snyder, eds., Soul Searching the Church: Free Methodism at 150 Years (Marston Memorial Historical Centre, 2007), 147-158. [Written with the language of U.S. Free Methodist polity] […]

Membership Covenants

MEMBERSHIP COVENANTS When it comes to Membership Covenants, different parts of the Body of Christ take different approaches.  Some are prescriptive and include a list of specific beliefs and behaviours that they expect from their members.  Others are more principle-based and fashion their counsel around guiding, overarching principles. As a denomination, the Free Methodist Church […]

Director of Church Health Job Description

Position Description Position Director, Church Health Department Church Health Location National Ministry Centre, Mississauga Reports to Bishop Date Approved April 28, 2011 Peers Director, Administrative Services Director, Church PlantingDirector, Global and Intercultural MinistriesDirector, Personnel Subordinates Administrative Assistant Position Overview The Director, Church Health is one of five senior positions which, in addition to the Bishop, make […]

Discernment-Support & Partnership

Download pdf – Download Word.doc A Model for Discernment:  Should we actively support (or partner with) this para-church or community organization? When Jesus prays for us directly in John 17:21, He asks the Father that we as believers would be one just as the Father is one.  Jesus asks the Father that we, the broader […]

Wesley’s Means of Grace

Wesley’s Means of Grace Download pdf    Download Word.doc Rev. Mary Lee DeWitt is a member of the national Board of Administration, served as a member of the Systems Analysis Task Team (SATT, 2009-2011), and pastors one of the congregations at New Horizons FMC in Sarnia, Ontario. At the 2011 General Conference of The Free Methodist […]