Principles to Guide Decision-Making on Surrogacy download [.doc]    [.pdf]We believe that compassion and thoughtfulness are necessary to respond biblically to people who are considering surrogacy as a solution to infertility, and we understand why some would consider such morally complex measures to satisfy their unfulfilled desires to have a child; however, we would encourage people […]

How I Changed My Mind about Women in Leadership

Alan F. Johnson, ed., How I Changed My Mind about Women in Leadership: Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals (Zondervan, 2010)Book Review by John Vlainic I recently worked through what strikes me as the best book yet on an issue that still is alive in some parts of North American evangelicalism. My sense is that in […]

A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues

Martha R. Jacobs, A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues (The Pilgrim Press, 2010). A Book Review by John Vlainic This book is intended for local church pastors, with the goal of helping to orient them to some of the basic questions and issues involved in end-of-life care The attached Table of Contents tells you of […]

Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH download [Word doc] [pdf] Definition Mental illness is a medical condition that results from a bio-chemical malfunction in the brain.   Types of Mental Illness Many types of mental illness exist.  The most common are* •    Anxiety Disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobias) •    Mood Disorders […]

Sanctification-Saved to the Uttermost

Saved to the Uttermost Rev. Greg Pulham Minister’s Conference, Wesley Acres September 26, 2013 download doc / download pdf / download slides Prayer for Heart Purity This morning, I would like you to join me in praying this prayer that was of great significance to John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, as we […]

Justification – “Clean Slate”

“Clean Slate?” – Romans 5:12-21     Rev. Dale Harris     Ministers Conference, September 25, 2013 download doc  / download pdf Sometimes I wonder if our world has ever been more ready to hear about Justification by Faith than it is today.  Strong words, I realize, but hear me out. Because in 2012, Anne Hathaway starred […]

Thinking about Technology

Adopting the Grandkids of Cain: A Theological Framework for Thinking about Technology download doc / download pdf I.  Technology and Theology:  A Question of Categories One of the challenges we encounter when we try to think theologically about issues related to modern technology is the question of categories.  On the one hand, the modern use […]