Bishop’s Notes – March 23, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Last Saturday, Jared and I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the “The Evolving Church: Amidst the Powers” conference put on by Epiphaneia using the facilities of the Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario.  It was great to sit in on very stimulating presentations by scholars such as Walter Wink, Stanley Hauerwas, Marva Dawn and Derek Webb.

What was also encouraging was to see the creative genius and capable leadership given to this event by some young FM leaders: Nathan Colquhoun, Joe Manafo and Darryl Silvestri (from theStory, a FMCiC church plant in Sarnia) and Chris Lewis (from Wesley Chapel).  To see what these guys are up to, to help develop leaders for the future go to

Jared and I co-led a workshop that dealt with practical and theological issues surrounding power sharing and power passing between generations. It was a great opportunity for us to do some serious thinking together.  I thought that you might be interested in a series of questions that we proposed in closing that every leader – especially those receiving power, needs to be thinking about.

• What does it mean for me to be a servant leader?
• What capacities need to be developed for leading people different from me? those I don’t understand … don’t like?
• What disciplines of spirituality and of character need to be maturing within me to help me have wholesome (holy, humble) self confidence?
• What disciplines of time/task/self management/study need to be developing within me?
• What “things that I like to do” need to be sacrificed and relinquished to move on to a new level of maturity?
• What relationships of trust do I need to form to help me interpret and understand the changes that are happening?
• How do I keep updating my intrinsic acceptance of myself as a person of worth so as to remain relaxed and gracious as I age?
• How will I contribute to the lives of my present colleagues and to the next generation?

There is one announcement to make this week.  Joe Manafo has been appointed as Network Leader for the S.W. Ontario Church Start-up Network.

Next Saturday is the Regional Gathering at Wesley Chapel in Toronto.  Please keep this gathering in your prayers.

Have a great week serving Jesus.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].