Bishop’s Notes – June 22, 2009

Dear Colleagues,


Today is one of those days when it is good to pause and celebrate with friends the good things that are happening in individual lives and congregations.


I want to offer our congratulations to three people who are at different stages in their ministries. The Board of Administration has received recommendations from MEGaP and Barbara Peterson (New Horizons, Sarnia, ON) has been approved for ordination, Normand Doucette (Mountain View FMC, Clarenceville, QC) has been approved as a Commissioned Minister, and Emily Arbo (Smiths Falls FMC, ON) has been approved as a Ministerial Candidate.

We are also pleased that as additional churches go into transition appointments are also happening. You may have noticed that the Madoc Wesleyan/Free Methodist congregation is no longer on the In Transition list. Adam Kline has been appointed by the Wesleyan Church to be Madoc’s new pastor. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting Adam and welcoming him into our fellowship as well. Kris Gowdy has been appointed as pastor at Kingston West FMC and Dustin Laird has been appointed as Assistant Pastor at Lakeside Community Church in Salmon Arm, B.C. Please see the details below.

Late last week, I received an email with the following good news: On the recommendation of Minister Jason Kenney of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Prime Minister Harper requested Cabinet to approve the nomination of Dr. Floyd C. Babcock as Citizenship Judge for Canada. Approval was granted by the Cabinet on June 18, 2009 and signed by the Governor General.

We offer our congratulations to all these friends.

MEGaP also has approved appointment status changes for Mike Szabo (Leave of Absence for Secular Employment) and has located Rob Van Norman at Lakeview FMC in Saskatoon.

As we come to this summer season, please do not forget to pray for the camping ministries that begin this weekend and continue all through the summer. I’d encourage you to take advantage of time to rest and be nourished at a family camp near you.

I also want to encourage you to think carefully about how you use your vacation time. This “time away” is a gift that your local church gives to you so that you can rest and be refreshed for ministry. How each of us rests and refresh ourselves will vary from person to person according to personality and life stage, so I do not have any formula to pass on to you. I only want to emphasize that it is my prayer that at the end of your vacation time, you will feel refreshed and renewed.

Just a reminder—next Sunday afternoon (4 pm) David and Kathy Stephenson will be ordained at the Ridgeway Community Church. If you cannot be present for the laying of hands, please remember them in your prayers.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to ministrycentre{at}fmc-canada{dot}org

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