Bishop’s Notes – June 1, 2009

Dear Colleagues,


It’s getting kind of routine now to say that we had a great gathering this past Saturday, but that’s what happened at the seventh Regional Gathering in Dryden! The leaders of these five churches minister in locations that stretch from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay and, though they do not see each other very often, their love for the Lord and for each other is very evident. In our Q & A time, the suggestion was made that next year each church should bring one or two promising young leaders along to be part of the discussions. A great idea!!


Yesterday, on Pentecost Sunday, I worshipped at O’Connor FMC located in a very rural area in north western Ontario not far from Kakabeka Falls. Under the leadership of Pastor Chris Fiorito (a second career lay minister tracking toward Ministerial Candidacy), this church has seen steady and substantial growth and is now expanding their facilities by building a new sanctuary with CE space below. This is a very excited and unified group of Christ followers! What makes their story extra special is that Chris grew up in this congregation and, after having some initial misgivings stepped forward to respond to God’s call to pastoral leadership.

As I watched Chris interacting with the congregation, it was very evident to me that the Lord has His hand on Chris’ life and he has natural instincts for pastoral leadership. The people at O’Connor love him and Suzanne and their family. I could see lots of broad smiles and a few teary eyes as I reminded them that Chris is an answer to their prayers. This is also Cam Montgomery’s (Pastor at Ecclesiax in Ottawa) home congregation. I was reminded once again that this is how pastors are formed – loving, caring, patient congregations encouraging people to say “Yes” to the call of God and supporting them while they develop ministry skill.

There are pictures from both of these events in the Photo Gallery this week.

There are several announcements this week. Mike Hogeboom is the new Executive Director for Wesley Acres. Bramalea and Wawota FMCs have gone into transition.

Have a great week serving the Lord Jesus. Remember to pray for the Alberta Regional Gathering in Ellice next weekend and to join with others at the throne of grace on Thursday and/or Friday for this month’s days of fasting and prayer.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].

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