Bishop’s Notes – July 27, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

This is a summer unlike no other for me.  I am staying “put” and using my time these days to study the church – particularly the FMCiC.  The BOA asked me to set aside time for study and reflection and I decided to read and read and read General Conference/BOA minutes beginning with the 1920 All Canada Sarnia Conference to look for themes of what the Holy Spirit has continuously been calling the FMCiC to be.  I’m looking for what shows up time and time again as being important amid the various fads and hobby horses that have trotted through.

While I was setting up for this project, a friend sent the following thoughts on the church written by Chuck Swindoll:  “I remember a message Dr. Jay Kesler gave at a family camp at Forest Home Conference Center. The title of his talk was unpretentious: “Why I Believe in the Local Church.” Disarmed by simplicity, all of us in the audience walked away with our heads a little higher, our shoulders no longer slumped as though we had something to prove to a world that often doubts our reason for existence. Jay offered five splendid answers.

1. The church is the only institution dealing with the ultimate issues. Death. Judgment. Relationships. Purpose. Lasting priorities. Meaning in life. Identity. Heaven and Hell.

2. The church provides perspective that gives dignity to mankind. We live in a day in which man has become a means rather than an end. This creates a desperate sense of inner worthlessness. The church counteracts this insidious message.

3. The church provides a moral and ethical compass in the midst of relativism. Like a swamp of murky, slimy water, our society has either rethought, resisted, or completely rejected absolutes. Not the church! It still stands on the timeless bedrock of Scripture.

4. The church is the only place to find true community, healing, compassion, and love. It is here people care. Really care. Not because of status or money. But because the Spirit of God is at work, weaving together the lives within the Body.

5. The church (like no other institution) has provided motivation for the most lasting, unselfish, essential, courageous ministries on earth. Schools. Hospitals. Halfway houses. Orphanages. Leprosariums. Missions.

Swindoll concludes: “Look back over the list. Think each one through. See if it doesn’t thrill you to realize you are connected with such a significant arm of strength.”

There are several announcements this week.  MEGaP has granted Leaves of Absence (Personal reasons) to Donald Oldford and Kevin Tompkins. 

Please remember to pray for people going to camp, people at camp and people now back home from camp that, in all cases, there will be a genuine openness to what God is saying to their hearts.  Ditto for those who are on missions trips this summer……


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].

Have a look at Dan Sheffield’s blog:


– Normand Doucette – Mountain View FMC, Clarenceville, Quebec on August 16, 2009 at 4 pm.
– Barbara Peterson – New Horizons FMC, Sarnia, ON on September 13, 2009, 4 pm.


Westdale Park, Napanee, ON (Carl Bull, Intentional Interim until Sept 9, 2009)
Whitby FMC, Whitby, ON

Profiles available / Director of Personnel receiving resumes
Lakeside Community Church, Salmon Arm, BC (Sheldon Carlson, Interim) DoP receiving resumes until July 27, 2009

Preparing Profile
Asbury FMC, Perth, ON
Avonlea FMC, Avonlea, SK
Bramalea FMC, Brampton, ON
Charlemont FMC, Wallaceburg, ON
Eastern Koinonia, Toronto, ON
Ecclesiax, Ottawa, ON (Cameron Montgomery, Interim)
Pineview FMC, Cloyne, ON (Glenn Dixon, Intentional Interim until September 30, 2009)
St Joseph Island Free Methodist Church, Hilton Beach, ON
Vennachar FMC, Vennachar, ON
Wawota FMC, Wawota, SK

Functioning with approved local arrangements
Campbell’s Bay FMC, Campbell’s Bay, QC
Enterprise FMC, Enterprise, ON
Mainstreet Community Church, Kelowna, BC
Marmora FMC, Marmora, ON
Mississippi FMC, Mississippi, ON
Richmond Hill Chinese & English Churches, Richmond Hill, ON
Roblin FMC, Roblin, MB
Surrey FMC, Surrey, BC
The FreeWay, Oshawa, ON
Wyevale FMC, Wyevale, ON
Yarker FMC, Yarker, ON

Ousman Ali
Linda Dixon
Harold Fox
Tom Gurnick
Larry Hart
Dale Hawley
John Kurish
Steve Lougheed
Doug McLeod
Samson Mehari
Paul Millar
Don Oldford
Jim Peetoom
Kevin Tompkins
– Youth/Associate Pastor – Cornerstone Community Church, Almonte, ON
– Kindergarten-Grade 5 Program Director – Lakeview Church, Saskatoon
– Children’s Ministry Administrative Assistant – Lakeview Church, Saskatoon
– Arlington Beach Camp and Conference Centre – Executive Director

September 29-October 1 – FCJ Centre, Calgary
October 20-22 – Wesley Acres

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