Bishop’s Notes – January 4, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

A very Happy New Year to all of you!  I trust that 2010 will be a year of experiencing Christ’s presence in new and more profound ways for all of us as we continue in our quest to understand the mission that God has us on in this world.  This will be the central focus of this year’s retreat with the NLT, the Network Leader Mentors and the Network Leaders as we gather together at Mount Mary Retreat Centre in Ancaster, Ontario.

Entering a new year also gives us an opportunity to reflect back on the previous year.  Over the weekend, I was thinking about the importance of being released from the past with its disappointments, mistakes, failures and hurts.  In yesterday’s devotional reading, Selwyn Hughes was writing about the same thing, taking Paul’s words, “Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal.” (Philippians 3:13-14). 

He concludes his thoughts for the day with these words:  “All of us have slipped up on one or occasion or another.  I am aware that I have learned from them and grown through them.  If I wanted to I could make a long list of them, but there is no point.  Brooding on your mistakes will only filch your faith, paralyze your potential and destroy your dreams.  The race ahead demands the utmost spiritual fitness.  Get rid of the weights that hinder your progress.  And get rid of them now.”

Very good and timely advice for entering a new decade, wouldn’t you say?

On the weekend I also watched a “chick flick” with Donna.  (Every wise husband knows that this is important to do from time to time.)  We watched “Julia and Julie,” a movie with two plots based on the true-life experiences of Julia Childs (author of the famous cookbook) and Julie Power.  There is a scene in the movie where Julia Childs receives the dreaded rejection letter from the first publisher to whom she had submitted her cookbook.  It had taken her and three others years to compile and clearly she was deeply disappointed.  She took a deep breath and made a courageous choice.  Turning to her husband, she said, “Oh boo-hoo.  What’s next?”

Hmmm.  It’s probably not the appropriate way to deal with deep hurts, but it would likely take care of 85% of the baggage of the past, leaving us with energy to move on and to open the other 15% to the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit to free, cleanse, heal and fill.

Please keep those of us on the retreat in your prayers this week.


Bishop Keith

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– Alexandra (Sandy) Crozier – Stewardship Development Director for FMCIC, effective January 18, 2010

Whitby FMC, Whitby, ON (Vic & Joan Stonehouse, Interim)

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St Joseph Island Free Methodist Church, Hilton Beach, ON DOP receiving resumes until January 4
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– Executive Director – Arlington Beach Camp
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2010 Regional Gatherings
March 20 – Montreal – Rosemont
March 27 – Wesley Chapel
April 17 – Brantford – Freedom Christian Community
May 1 – Arlington Beach Camp
May 8 – Dryden
May 15 – Athens
May 29 – Sault Ste Marie
June 5 – Ellice
June 12 – Merritt

2010 FMCiC Ministers Conferences
September 28-30 – Wesley Acres
October 5-7 – Entheos Retreat Centre (near Calgary)

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