Bishop’s Notes – February 23, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

You’ll remember that last week I talked a little bit about the importance of physical fitness and relaxation in the discipline of appropriate self-care. This week I am on vacation, hiking/snowshoeing/skiing in western Canada–so, I am trying to practice what I preach!

In a separate email last week, you received about the 2009 Regional Gatherings.  Please make sure that you have these dates in your schedules and that you pass on the information to the others who are expected to join us.

For your planning, we will be sending out the Prayer Guide this week.

Fawn Holmes, our front-desk receptionist who tracks the arrival of Annual Reports, tells me that about 50 percent of the Annual Reports are in.  As the deadline for this was February 16, I would urge you to give attention to getting your report in if this is not already done.

There are several announcements this week:  Cameron Montgomery has been appointed as Interim Pastor at Ecclesiax in Ottawa; Joseph Moreau has deposited his credentials with The Free Methodist Church in Canada; Victor Stonehouse has requested permission to transition into retirement.

Have a great week serving Jesus.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].