Bishop’s Notes – February 17, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

In the daily devotional Every Day with Jesus, I have been enjoying (and challenged by) a week-long discussion on seven aspects of appropriate self-care from the writings of Selwyn Hughes.  (Permission is being requested to reproduce the seven points he makes and hopefully, I’ll be able to send them your way in due time.)  In the meantime, during these winter months when one can be tempted to be less active, I thought that I would send his comments on caring for our well-being by maintaining physical fitness/rest.  His linking of how we treat our bodies and how we treat others was a new connection for me.  He writes:

“The first step to take in caring for ourselves is to develop a healthy self-concept.  The way we see ourselves determines the way we relate to ourselves and to others.  The second step is this – pay careful attention to your physical functioning.  Do you eat, rest, exercise and relax properly?  Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit’: if you don’t treat His temple right, how will you treat other people right?

“Many Christians regard their bodies as an encumbrance or a hindrance.  It is not.  God has given us bodies for good purposes and we need to treat the body with the greatest respect.  Every meal can be sacrament, enjoyed with a view to a healthy life and good relationships.  If you eat to excess then your body will be carrying excess baggage, which will overburden your heart.  A spare tire around your waistline is not a life-saver, but a life-destroyer.  Exercise is important, too.  God made your body to move – make sure it stays active.  Leisure time is also vital:  if you don’t rest and relax properly then your body, which is the instrument of your spirit, won’t be fully effective.”

This past Sunday, I spoke at both the Chinese and English congregations at Richmond Hill FMC.  It was a blessing to enjoy the fellowship of these folks.  The first service was in Cantonese and the second service was in English with the second service being more geared to younger people who are in high school and university.  There are pics in the Photo Gallery from this visit and you will see a picture of Christine Li and her husband David.  Christine is a Ministerial Candidate with one more semester to go at Tyndale Seminary.  (You’ll also see that we enjoyed a dim sum lunch and fellowship at a nearby restaurant and, I confess, I ate well!  But they kept putting food on my plate and what was I to do?  Hmmm.)

There are several appointments to announce this week:  Cathleen Getchell – Ministry Assistant at Polson Park FMC, Kingston, ON; Brandon Shillington – Senior Pastor at Frankford Community Church, Frankford, ON, Dale Vinkle – Released for service beyond the denomination – The Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre, Kingston, ON; Coral Young – retirement

We also offer our congratulations to Pierre Andre Jean-Charles.  The BOA has approved him as Commissioned Minister.  The commissioning service will take place at Rosemont Eglise Méthodiste Libre in Montréal on Sunday afternoon, March 15, 2009.  The time is yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to be around 3:00 p.m.

Have a great week serving Jesus.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].

Richmond Hill FMC