Bishop’s Notes – December 6, 2010

Dear Colleagues, 

Yesterday, Donna and I worshipped at Kingsview FMC where we attend when we are not visiting other congregations.  In the middle of Howard Olver’s sermon, we had a surprise visit from John the Baptist (the New Testament one, not a member of a congregation down the street) who announced to us the need for repentance. 

Howard then continued to preach a compelling message on the importance of repentance as a discipline of the Christian life using the metaphors of the forest fire that cleans out the scrub brush allowing new life to come, the threshing and winnowing of the wheat from the chaff and Malachi’s “refining fire.” He helped us to understand that repentance in the biblical sense is a turning to God to ask Him to help us become aware of and to let go of unhealthy behaviours and distractions that have crept into our lives.  It was a wonderful preparation for going to the Lord’s Table and a good reminder that Advent is a season for sober self-examination and for asking God to help us be free to serve Him wholeheartedly without the encumbrances of ungodly attitudes and habits.

On Wednesday and Thursday this past week, 14 pastors from across Canada came together at the Ministry Centre for the first New Lead Pastor Orientation training days.  Kim Henderson did an excellent job pulling this event together and the participants left feeling like they better understand the mission and methods of The Free Methodist Church in Canada.  Kim, assisted by members of the National MEGaP Committee, has written a New Pastor’s Orientation Manual that contains all kinds of resources for effective ministry.  Like many of our documents, it is a work in progress meaning that more resources will be added as they are developed.  Within the next month it will be available to all of us on the FMCiC website.  As Kim was reviewing its contents with us, several topics piqued my interest and I am looking forward to reading them when the document becomes available.  Stay tuned.  Kim will be on the FMCiC video blog next week telling us all about this.”

There are pics from this event in the Photo Gallery this week.

There are several announcements this week.  We offer our congratulations to Nancy Luross (Lakeview, Saskatoon) who has been approved as a Ministerial Candidate by the BOA.  MEGaP has approved Gary Walsh’s request to transition to retirement.  Pine Grove FMC, Seeley’s Bay, ON has gone into transition. 

Have a great week serving the Lord Jesus.

Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to the Ministry Centre

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New Lead Pastors orientation training

Aaron James on February 6 at 3:30 pm at Blue Mountain Community Church, Thornbury, ON

Gary Walsh – retired

Arlington Woods FMC, Ottawa, ON
Asbury FMC, Perth, ON (Alan Adams, Interim)
Bramalea FMC, Brampton, ON
Trulls Road FMC, Courtice, ON (Vic Stonehouse, Interim)

Profiles available / Director of Personnel receiving resumes
Avonlea FMC, Avonlea, SK – DOP receiving resumes until December 31

Preparing Profile
Barrie FMC, Barrie, ON (Henry Dyck, Interim)
Charlemont FMC, Wallaceburg, ON (Paul Gast)
Eyebrow FMC, Eyebrow, SK
First FMC, Moose Jaw, SK
Harrowsmith FMC, Harrowsmith, ON (Carl Bull, Interim)
Pine Grove FMC, Seeley’s Bay, ON
Queensway FMC, Niagara Falls, ON (Tom Gurnick, Interim)
Vennachar FMC, Vennachar, ON
Westport FMC, Westport, ON

Functioning with approved local arrangements
Butternut Creek, Kingston, ON (Bob Boutilier)
Campbell’s Bay FMC, Campbell’s Bay, QC (Orville White)
Eastern Koinonia, Toronto, ON (Javed Jamil)
Enterprise FMC, Enterprise, ON
Killarney FMC, Killarney, MB (Raymond Riglin)
Malvern Chinese, Toronto, ON (K.K. Leung)
Mississippi FMC, Mississippi, ON
Richmond Hill Chinese & English Churches, Richmond Hill, ON (K.K. Leung)
Roblin FMC, Roblin, MB (Heath Butler)
Timmins FMC, Timmins, ON (Lewis Byer)
Wawota FMC, Wawota, SK (Kevan Sears)
Wyevale FMC, Wyevale, ON
Yarker FMC, Yarker, ON (Ken Babcock)

Ousman Ali
Jack Bradley
William (Rusty) Crozier
Glenn Dixon
Peter Goodyear
David Greene
Brenda Haggett
Mike Hogeboom
Kevin Kay
Will Keller
Barry Taylor
Scott Woolhead

Executive Director, Wesley Acres Inc.

May 20-23, 2011 – Toronto Marriott Airport Hotel
May 20 – Epiphaneia Conference