Bishop’s Notes – December 29, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

As 2008 winds down, I want to wish you all God’s best in 2009.  In the attached Prayer Guide, I dropped in Moses’ prayer exchange with the Lord in Exodus 33 as a perspective for beginning the journey into 2009.

Recently, Donna and I read a devotional thought from Selwyn Hughes that I’ve been keeping for us to think about as we begin a new year.  It’s a bit of understatement, especially if you pay attention to the anxiety-generating media to say that we are living in times generally that can be a bit overwhelming.  Add to that the normal stresses of pastoral leadership and a good dose of post-Christmas fatigue, and the temptation to think in unhealthy ways is very real.

Here’s what Selwyn Hughes wrote:  “Think of your life as an hourglass.  There are thousands of grains of sand in the top of the glass and they all pass slowly and easily through the narrow neck without impairing the glass in any way.  Take life a grain at a time and let the grains pass through the day slowly and evenly.  If you do not take them one at a time, then you will impair your own physical and mental structure.”

In our December meeting with the Network Leader Mentors, one of the Mentors brought a request from a couple of networks for greater transparency and communication from the Ministry Centre.  As the NLT discussed this request, it was decided that we should implement a system for responding to questions that are on peoples’ minds. 

The challenge is to find the balance between “information overload” on the Listserv (you see an NLT name and you automatically hit “delete”) and writing about things that are of broad interest and concern in our constituency.  So, this is where we need your help.  If there is information that you would like to receive or if you hear others concerned about a lack of communication on any particular topic related to the FMCIC and its ministry, we want to invite you to ask the question(s) clearly and we’ll do our best to provide a helpful response.  As a reminder, I am introducing a P.S. today that will be there every week to help us serve you well.

Have a great week serving Jesus.  Happy New Year!


Bishop Keith

Read Prayer Guide – January 2009

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