Bishop’s Notes – August 10, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

For months, we have been praying for Bishop Philemon in Rwanda and I am glad to report that we have some encouraging news from Rwanda today. I would like to ask all of you to be especially prayerful this week.  Bishop Samuel Kayinamura wrote the following to the Council of Bishops:

“This is to thank you once again for your continuous prayers and spiritual support to our Church. The court case of Bishop Philemon proceeded on Saturday, August 8, 2009. All the witnesses were heard. The proceeding went on well with bishop being given an opportunity to express himself freely. After a moment of deliberation by the court, the conclusion was that there is need to look closely into all the data and testimonies collected to eventually pronounce the verdict. The date for this eventual pronouncement of the verdict is set for Saturday, AUGUST 15, 2009. 
We felt really the brotherhood of all of you when we saw Bishop Elie Buconyori representing the World Conference. His presence and that of all our annual conferences superintendents made all the difference. We would request you to keep us in your prayers.

In his monthly “Transitions” newsletter, Cam Taylor writes about insights from the book “Who Killed Change?” (co-authored by John Britt, Ken Blanchard and others).  I found the list of “change killers/change influencers” below intriguing.

Cam writes, “In typical “Blanchard” fashion, the book is written as a story with much to teach on the subject of change. The book tells the story of a Columbo-style detective, Agent Mike McNally who is found investigating the murder of yet another change in an organization.  One by one, Agent McNally interviews thirteen prime suspects to see if he can figure out who murdered Change.
Several assumptions stand underneath this story about change.  Some of them are:
• People leading the change think that announcing it is the same as integrating it.
• People’s concerns with change are not surfaced or addressed.
• Those being asked to implement change are not involved in the planning.
The thirteen murder suspects are always the same and the characters that can kill change are the same characters that can help change to thrive in an organization. They are:
1. Culture – the predominant attitudes, beliefs and behavior patterns that characterize the organization.
2. Commitment – builds the person’s motivation and confidence to engage in the new behaviors required by the change.
3. Sponsorship – a senior leader who has the formal authority to deploy resources (time, money and people) towards the change initiative – and who ultimately is responsible for the success of the change.
4. Change Leadership Team – actively leads the change into the organization by speaking with one voice and resolving the concerns of those being asked to change.
5. Communication – creates opportunities for dialogue with change leaders and those being asked to change.
6. Urgency – explains why the change is needed and how quickly people must change the way they work.
7. Vision – paints a clear and compelling picture of the future after change has been integrated.
8. Plan – clarifies the priority of the change compared to other initiatives; works with those being asked to change to develop implementation; defines and builds the structures needed to support the change.
9. Budget – analyzes proposed changes from a financial perspective to determine how best to allocate resources.
10. Trainer – provides learning experiences to ensure those being asked to change have the skills needed to follow through with the change and eventually succeed.
11. Incentive – recognizes and rewards people to reinforce desired behaviors and results that enable change.
12. Performance management – sets goals and expectations regarding behaviors and results that enable change; tracks progress; and provides feedback and training.
13. Accountability – follows through with people to ensure their behaviors and results are in line with agreed upon goals and expectations; ensures leaders are walking their talk. 
If you would like to read Cam’s monthly Transitions resource, the link is:
There is one announcement this week: Emily Arbo has been appointed as Associate Pastor at Smiths Falls.  A reminder that NLT members are going to be in the Systems Analysis meetings from Tuesday to Thursday and so we will not be readily available to respond to calls/emails.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].

Have a look at Dan Sheffield’s blog:

Emily Arbo – Associate Pastor, Smiths Falls FMC, effective July 28, 2009

– Normand Doucette – Mountain View FMC, Clarenceville, Quebec on August 16, 2009 at 4 pm.
– Barbara Peterson – New Horizons FMC, Sarnia, ON on September 13, 2009, 4 pm.

Lakeside Community Church, Salmon Arm, BC (Sheldon Carlson, Interim)
Whitby FMC, Whitby, ON

Profiles available / Director of Personnel receiving resumes
Pineview FMC, Cloyne, ON (Glenn Dixon, Intentional Interim until September 30, 2009) DoP receiving resumes until August 10
Westdale Park, Napanee, ON (Carl Bull, Intentional Interim until Sept 9, 2009) DoP receiving resumes until August 24

Preparing Profile
Asbury FMC, Perth, ON
Avonlea FMC, Avonlea, SK
Bramalea FMC, Brampton, ON
Charlemont FMC, Wallaceburg, ON
Eastern Koinonia, Toronto, ON
Ecclesiax, Ottawa, ON (Cameron Montgomery, Interim)
St Joseph Island Free Methodist Church, Hilton Beach, ON
Timmins FMC, Timmins, ON
Vennachar FMC, Vennachar, ON
Wawota FMC, Wawota, SK

Functioning with approved local arrangements
Campbell’s Bay FMC, Campbell’s Bay, QC
Enterprise FMC, Enterprise, ON
Mainstreet Community Church, Kelowna, BC
Marmora FMC, Marmora, ON
Mississippi FMC, Mississippi, ON
Richmond Hill Chinese & English Churches, Richmond Hill, ON
Roblin FMC, Roblin, MB
Surrey FMC, Surrey, BC
The FreeWay, Oshawa, ON
Wyevale FMC, Wyevale, ON
Yarker FMC, Yarker, ON

Ousman Ali
Dean Babcock
Linda Dixon
Harold Fox
Tom Gurnick
Larry Hart
Dale Hawley
John Kurish
Steve Lougheed
Doug McLeod
Samson Mehari
Paul Millar
Don Oldford
Jim Peetoom
Kevin Tompkins
Scott Woolhead
– Youth/Associate Pastor – Cornerstone Community Church, Almonte, ON
– Kindergarten-Grade 5 Program Director – Lakeview Church, Saskatoon
– Children’s Ministry Administrative Assistant – Lakeview Church, Saskatoon
– Arlington Beach Camp and Conference Centre – Executive Director

September 29-October 1 – FCJ Centre, Calgary
October 20-22 – Wesley Acres

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