Bishop Notes – May 26, 2008

May 26, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

There were no Bishop’s Notes last week because, of course, we were all together in the same room enjoying fellowship and working together to understand what is before us as a movement of Christ followers.

I believe that the Lord gave us a wonderful conference, and it seemed to me that as the hours passed, the theme of the conference, “You have been treated generously, so live generously” was being embraced graciously and internalized more deeply by all who were present. We long to see the work of the Lord go forward with breadth and depth, and it was apparent to me that the Holy Spirit was speaking to all of our hearts as we worshipped, listened to God use Bruxy to speak through his word, interacted with the reports and worked together in prayer corporately and in the prayer room. (I’m still thinking about what I wrote down after our prayer session on Saturday afternoon. I sensed that God was speaking to us quietly but clearly.)

We hope to have some pics in the photo gallery later this week.

I am becoming increasingly burdened for our nation and believe that God has placed us in this land (either by birth or by immigration) and has given us responsibility to be a transforming presence among Canadians.

I have also felt that the Lord wants to release resources among us for strengthening our existing churches and planting new churches across Canada.

After I heard Jared break it down on Sunday morning, our present goals for Church Development at $100,000 (and I’ll add in Quebec Ministries at $60,000) are not ambitious – a hundred churches or individuals giving $135/month would meet and exceed these goals. Without diminishing what we are already doing in other parts of the world, we can do this!

So wasn’t the response to his challenge wonderful? Like me, you probably didn’t have a pen handy to write it down, but here’s what we did together at GC.

Cash and cheques: $12,467.30

One time pledges: $9,869.50

Total Cash/Cheques and one time pledges: $22,336.80.

Monthly ongoing pledges: $297/month

As mentioned at conference, it will be a blessing for local church treasurers to receive these one time and monthly pledges to the Church Development giving stream and it will be a real encouragement to us at the FMCiC as the local churches forward these funds with their monthly remittances. And there’ll be more because others said that when they got back home they are going to talk with their church boards or personally with their spouses about their participation.

Finally, I have to say a word of appreciation to all of you for the many expressions of encouragement and support that you gave to Dan, Jared, Kim, Mark and myself. We all felt very affirmed and we want you to know that we have come away from the Conference with an even deeper desire to serve God with all our hearts as your leaders. You were also a real blessing to FMCiC staff members; I’ve been asking this week how they found the conference and to a person, they were blessed by your kindness and friendliness.

Thanks for loving well….

Bishop Keith

The goal of the Christian life is to love well. – Peter Scazzero

P.S. There is also one new announcement week – Stephen An’s appointment to Weyburn Free Methodist Church. Please remember Keitha Slack’s ordination next Sunday in your prayers.