Bishop Notes – May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

General Conference is happening this week and I think you should come because it’s going to be good! J

Originally, I was thinking that is all I would say in today’s Bishop’s Notes, but there is one important topic that I need to talk about today, carrying the burden of prayer for this conference.

The folder that you will receive at registration will contain a number of important documents, but the most important will be the “Prayer Schedule.” Pastor Jack Bradley has been working as our Prayer Coordinator for General Conference and we are being provided with a schedule for when each of us will go to the prayer room to intercede on behalf of the conference. The assignment of time has been done alphabetically by our first names, so it will be easy to locate the time assigned for us to leave the assembly and go and pray.

Obviously, if you are scheduled to make a presentation at the same time as you have been assigned to the prayer room, it will be good for you to go at another time to pray; or if you don’t find your name on the list, please be sure to go to the prayer room when you are able.

We all need to help carry the burden of intercession for the Conference. It has been wonderful to know that over the last months, intercessors have been praying regularly for the Conference; and as we have become more aware of the approach of the event, likely lots more of us have joined in. As an emerging veteran of General Conferences (I’ve been to a few in Canada and beyond), I’ve noticed that there is a qualitative difference in the atmosphere and relationships of General Conferences when people are praying in a disciplined way.

As a reminder about parking, parking for participants staying at the hotel is free (it is included in your room rate). If, however, you are not staying at the hotel, parking will be charged daily at $10/day. If the parking is full upon your arrival, there is overflow parking at the Park and Fly across the road at a rate of $13.95/day. There is no hourly rate for parking. We would encourage those driving daily to the hotel to carpool if possible.

There are two appointments to announce this week (Lakeview, Saskatoon; and West Springs, Calgary).

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday afternoon at General Conference.

Bishop Keith