Bishop Notes – July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you are enjoying these great days of summer and that, if possible, you are taking advantage of the benefits of being part of one of the Family Camps. Two weeks ago I was at Family Camp 1 at Wesley Acres for the opening weekend—and everything that I hear says that God was doing some great things in peoples’ lives. This past weekend I was at Maple Grove Camp (near London) and they too had a rich week. It was really encouraging to hear about the strength of their children and teen ministry and to hear adults talking about how God had spoken to them about being open to a deeper life of prayer and to the movement of the Holy Spirit through their lives.

Please keep our camps in your prayers. Severn Bridge Camp in Muskoka is on this week. There are pictures from Maple Grove Camp in the Photo Gallery this week. Unfortunately, I neglected to get my camera out at Wesley Acres.

So where have I been the last couple weeks? The first weekend in July, I joined with my brothers and sister and their families to honour our parents who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Because we are spread out all across Canada, our family is rarely together, so in addition to celebrating with my mom and dad, it was great to have an opportunity to see one another. I say this, not just to brag about my parents, though I am proud of them, but to remind us that our families (nuclear and extended) are very important. I hope that you too will have time with your families – and even some of the nieces, nephews and cousins.

We offer our congratulations to Rev. Samson Mehari. The Board of Administration has approved that his credentials be transferred from the Free Methodist Church Middle East Mission District into our Conference. Samson lives in the Ottawa area and is presently part of the Chapel Ridge congregation in Stittsville.

The Eyebrow Free Methodist Church has made a private arrangement with Caylen Robertson to serve as their pastor. Caylen grew up in the FMC in Kamloops, completed an internship at Sault Ste Marie FMC, and is tracking for ministerial candidacy in the FMCIC. Another answer to prayer for pastors for our churches.

Valleyview Community Church in Blezard Valley, ON (near Sudbury) has gone into transition. Please note that Chapel Ridge FMC is looking for a part-time assistant pastor/Direction of Next Generation Ministries (see below).

Have a great week serving Jesus.

Bishop Keith