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Generosity as Resistance

By Brian Zahnd| Article from blog.echurchgiving.com 3 DECEMBER 2015 “Don’t let yourselves be squeezed into the shape dictated by the present age.” –Romans 12:2 The Apostle Paul used this provocative language to urge the followers of Jesus who were living in the capital of the Roman Empire to resist enforced conformity — and I’m quite […]

Festivals of Want

By Stuart McAllister | Article from SliceofInfinity.org  December 2015 In many ways our society is motivated by consumption. Our desire to have stuff charts the course of many of our pursuits and without such desire the economy would no doubt collapse. Yet reflect for a moment on how pervasive this is in our lives. We […]


By Brad Hambrick | Article from Counseling Reflection NOVEMBER 10, 2015 (Posted on ThomRainer’s Notible Voices) A budget is more than numbers scribbled on a yellow steno pad in response to a crisis with good intentions that will never be fulfilled. That is the equivalent of saying that a wedding is a big pageant for […]

How To Lead The Best Money Meeting Ever

By Todd McMichen | Article from visionroom.com, posted on blog.echurchgiving.com 3 NOVEMBER 2015   Recently I had the privilege of launching a Generosity Culture session with a pastor who is leading one of the most successful churches in his state. Over the years they have grown from a few hundred to thousands of people generating […]

Debt Isn’t About Right Or Wrong – It’s About Freedom

By Brian Fourman | Article from biblemoneymatters.com 19 OCTOBER 2015   Perhaps no other issue in the personal finance space pits one advocate against another to a greater extent than does the issue of debt. Proponents on both sides have very clear and passionate answers to questions such as “Should I ever go into debt?”, […]

20 Suggestions for Becoming More Generous Christians

By Jayson D. Brandley | Article from blog.echurchgiving.com 22 OCTOBER 2015 I was looking for some good advice on becoming more generous. Before I could finish typing in my search, Google pulled from its history of trillions of searches to try and help me finish my question. Let’s be honest, most people would love fame, […]

4 Things John Teaches Us About Love and Generosity

By Jayson D. Bradley | Article from blog.echurchgiving.com 14 OCTOBER 2015 Becoming more like Jesus is the goal of all spiritual formation. John says it this way, “By this we may know that we are in him: whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” (1 […]

Church Giving: 10 Ways to Encourage Your Church To Increase Giving

By Chuck Lawless | Article from blog.echurchgiving.com 15 OCTOBER 2015 Few people are as frugal as I am. In fact, I’m cheap. I admit it. So, talking about increasing giving is not easy for me – but it’s critical to the work of God. My strong desire to see our neighbors and the nations won […]

Eating Out vs. Eating In

By Nathan Dungan | Article from SHARESAVESPEND.COM  15 SEPTEMBER 2015 Did you know the average American adult buys a meal or snack from a restaurant 5.8 times a week and more than 30% of children eat fast food on any given day? Americans are eating out more than ever. Why? It’s about fun and socializing. […]