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CliffsNotes – April 9, 2019

Regional Gathering British Columbia (5/12!) I loved being with the BC crew this weekend at Regional Gathering. Thank you for the warm and laughter filled atmosphere. On Sunday I enjoyed visiting for the first time our Kamloops church, pastored by Pastor Shelley Utz. Pastor Shelley, Dan and their kids moved to Kamloops in late summer […]

CliffsNotes – April 2, 2019

Another weekend, another Regional Gathering: Wonderful Albertans! On Friday I had supper with a motivated church board and their new pastor – they actually almost forgot to say grace, but they assured me that this was not reflective of their corporate prayer life. On Saturday night and Sunday I was with the warm and welcoming […]

CliffsNotes – March 26, 2019

A Leadership book worth reading… Two more Regional Gatherings: This past Thursday the Barrie FMC hosted one Regional Gathering, and then on Saturday we were in Tillsonburg. Thank you to all who participated. I was asked what I hoped would be true about the FMCIC in three years if we followed the three-year ministry plan. […]

CliffsNotes – March 19, 2019

There are five seasons at the FMCIC Ministry Centre Summer, Fall, Winter, Regional-Gathering, and Spring! We are currently in the very busy RG season. In fact, this past weekend we enjoyed our very first one which was in La Belle Province. It was well attended, we had good discussions, we worshiped-prayed, and of course, we […]

CliffsNotes – March 12, 2019

Discipleship: Here’s another opportunity that is worth exploring Frankly leaders you need a plan – a discipleship plan. Not just a program, a class, a discipleship committee, or a dedicated pastor of discipleship. You need a prayerful and thoughtful plan to help Sally, a neighbour that you invited to come play volleyball with you at […]

CliffsNotes – March 5, 2019

FMCiC’s Relationship with our Indigenous Brothers & Sisters… The issue is that formally and nationally, The Free Methodist Church in Canada does not have a relationship with our indigenous brothers and sisters. We are ambassadors of Christ: ambassadors of peace, healing, reconciliation and redemption in Christ. Yet we are none of these to those we […]

CliffsNotes – February 26, 2019

Imagine If… “What’s your vision for The Free Methodist Church in Canada?” I am asked this all the time. It is a very good question. If I were a leader of a business that made widgets, then I would have one board to work with and one executive team. The FMCiC has one Board of […]

CliffsNotes – February 19, 2019

Missions, Missionaries, Mission-ful, Missional: Intercultural Engagement Team – A New Chapter in FMCiC I am excited to tell you about some developments in the Intercultural Engagement Team. I am hoping that by now you have read the “FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan” which explains in detail the mandate and goals of this team. At the […]

L’Histoire d’un Budget Narratif

En 2011, peu de temps après avoir commencé à L’Église Méthodiste Libre de Westport, en Ontario, le pasteur Paul Millar a découvert que l’église souhaitait tendre la main à sa communauté, mais qu’elle ne savait pas exactement comment s’y prendre.  L’église n’avait pas non plus de déclaration de vision. Paul et le conseil ont commencé […]

CliffsNotes – February 12, 2019

Nazarenes, Tattoos & Board Meetings This past weekend Karlene and I worshiped with The Corner Church in Oshawa. This is a beautiful new story that the FMCiC could fully support and celebrate because of our freedom to collaborate (“Catholic spirit”). The local Nazarene church had a building and no pastor, and The FreeWay FM had […]