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CliffsNotes – October 22, 2019

Good Morning, Bishop Cliff and Harold Gonyou (BOA Chair) are at the FM World Conference in Brazil. Please pray for this meeting of FM Bishops and national delegates. MEDIA CONNECTIONS Church Health Thursdays – Things Rarely Drift Towards Good and Healthy: https://www.fmcic.ca/things-rarely-drift-towards-good-healthy-things/ News & Stories Blog – Building Bridges into the Community with Robotics: https://www.fmcic.ca/building-bridges-into-the-community-with-robotics/ […]

CliffsNotes – October 8, 2019

What happened at our Ministers’ Conferences? We invited a First Nations leader to speak into FMCIC pastors. Jonathan Maracle loves Jesus. Jonathan is a singer and storyteller (check his Facebook page or listen to his music on Spotify, etc). He spoke passionately about God’s love for First Nations people and the Church’s opportunity to be […]

Les choses dérivent rarement vers le bien et la santé

Alors voilà une chose que j’apprends lentement, et ça paraîtra évident mais reste avec moi. J’ai une grande famille. Ce que j’ai remarqué, c’est que lorsque les choses se corsent dans ma famille, cela a un effet sur moi. Maintenant, quand je dis cahoteux, je ne veux pas seulement dire entre nous. Cela pourrait être […]

CliffsNotes – October 1, 2019

Leadership = Criticism I am so sorry that this is true. Every leader knows that this is true. Jesus experienced it (can you think of some of the things He was criticized for, and how He responded?). Unfortunately criticism can feel deflating, demoralizing or worse. Even just the fear of criticism can cause leaders to […]

FMCIC Prayer Point Update September 2019

FMCIC Prayer Point Update September 2019:  Almost 12 years ago we were in the midst of a 40-day season of prayer and fasting for revival at Chapel Ridge Church, in Ottawa. During that time someone said I should go and see a new sign that she had put up in our prayer room. I did […]

CliffsNotes – September 24, 2019

Preparing for Sunday Last week was the Western Ministers’ Conference. Tuesday night was about decompressing and preparing for Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were very good days, but I can’t tell you anything about it yet because the Eastern Conference is not until next week! Please pray for our leaders. Here is the link to the […]

CliffsNotes – September 17, 2019

The Western Ministers Conference begins today! Please pray for our pastors and leaders who will be meeting over the next two days that God will speak to them and refresh their spirit during this time away.   Reminder Eastern Ministers Conference is taking place at Wesley Acres Retreat Centre October 1-3, 2019. If you have […]

CliffsNotes – September 10, 2019

If I walked into your church this Sunday as a visitor (and no one recognized me) what would my experience be? Would I be warmly greeted, including an opportunity to have a ‘real’ and life giving conversation? People with the gift of hospitality have that special ability to make others feel at ease and comfortable […]

Des choses aléatoires entrent en collision

Quelques choses apparemment aléatoires sont entrées en collision dans ma tête l’autre jour, et j’ai été rappelé de quelque chose de très important concernant ce travail du Royaume auquel nous avons été appelés, créés et commandés. Ici, sans ordre particulier, sont les choses qui tournaient dans ma tête. Je vais essayer de les rassembler d’une […]

CliffsNotes – September 3, 2019

The End of Summer Vacation… The person who did the announcements at the service Karlene and I led at Wesley Acres this past Sunday, said that “camp and summer are now over!” We all laughed and then groaned as we realized that she was right! She proceeded to describe the wonderful and meaningful summer they […]