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CliffsNotes – January 16, 2018

In my last year of high school (there was grade 13 back in the day) as a new believer, I found a job as the full time overnight residential counselor at Christian Horizons Home for adults with developmental disabilities. It was a very rich maturing experience. I stayed on through seminary, and it was in […]

5 Grave Dangers for Any Local Church

In his article 5 Grave Dangers for Any Local Church, Pastor Dan Reiland states: “We don’t have to get weird about it, but there are grave dangers that we face as we do our part of leading the mission forward. It’s easy for church work to become “business as usual.” Therefore, it’s wise and helpful […]

CliffsNotes – January 10, 2018

The NLT and I are currently at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, ON along with the Network Mentors, Network Leaders, Regional Coaches and the Church Planting Coaches for some training and discussions. Please pray for us while we meet. Every FM church board and leadership team has been asked to prayerfully consider one […]

The Event Matters: How Going To Church Helps Us Be The Church

In the article Karl Vaters writes “Church attendance should not be the defining feature of our Christian lives. After all, God doesn’t take attendance. But that doesn’t mean going to church doesn’t matter. It does. A lot“. Click here to read the full article: The Event Matters: How Going To Church Helps Us Be The […]

CliffsNotes – January 2, 2018

Freedom, Government and Appropriate Response: Canada Summer Jobs I’m sure that by now you have heard about the Trudeau’s government new requirements for all applicants for the Canada Summer Jobs funds. I asked Don Hutchinson to help me sort out this very concerning development. Cliff Fletcher Canada Summer Jobs: 3 Questions Concerning Changes in the […]

Pause and Pray for 2018

New Years is one of those times when many of us pause and reflect on what was and look forward to what we hope will be.  It is also a time when many take stock of their lives and determine what changes need to be made as they move into the New Year.  Everyone wants […]

CliffsNotes – December 19, 2017

This is my last Cliff’s Notes for the year. What a year for my family and I: a wildly new, sometimes hard, stretching, and overall wonderful experience. I am consistently asked two questions: 1. How is the new job? 2. How’s the family? I will start with number 2: How’s the family? I continue to […]