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August 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our August 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. Possible COVID vaccination requirements for those attending church, whether people should be free to decide whether the vaccine is best for their health, and peace between those who differ over these matters. 2. That pastors and congregations will know how to best reach out to […]

21 Days for Prayer and Fasting as We Enter a New Season of Ministry (September 10-30/21)

These are challenging times as we deal with COVID, racial tensions, forest fires, Haiti’s devastation, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Canadian election, and the increasing opposition to the light of the gospel. Jesus said that, “Because of the increase in wickedness the love of many will grow cold” (Mt.24:12). Thank God for His many promises to […]

August 10 Urgent Update: Wildfires

Wildfire Alert! Bishop Cliff, Ken Roth and the National Prayer Team invite you to join us this Thursday, August 12th at 9 pm EDT for an URGENT corporate National Prayer Zoom meeting to pray for our brothers and sisters across Canada whose lives, homes and animals are threatened or have been destroyed by wild fires […]

What To Do When Your Prayer Life Feels Cold | Submitted by Linda Dixon

“Having boldness to enter into the Holiest let us draw near…” admonishes the writer of Hebrews (10:19, 22) “But my prayers seem to hit the ceiling and bounce back at me,” Ronald complained. “I don’t feel anything”. Ronald was a Christian who had, some time ago, utterly abandoned the idea of a personal daily prayer […]

July 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That we don’t become lethargic in our relationship with the Lord. For some, the pandemic has meant we have had more time to be at home, we are spending less time seeking the Lord. 2. That we would know what our part is in helping […]

Cameron’s Solution | Submitted by Linda Dixon & Ken Roth

Cameron’s Solution (by Linda Dixon) Cameron was a grade 10 student in Toronto, Ontario. Almost every week Cameron’s mom, who attended a Bible Study would come home relaying to her family some of the many wonderful (and sometimes surprising) answers to prayer experienced by people in her class. Week by week Cameron listened until he […]

June 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will guide and empower each national ministry team in the coming 3 years and enable them to inspire and guide our pastors and churches to be salt and light in their communities in ways that reflect God’s “whole-liness” rather than conforming to the […]

Strengthen What Remains | Submitted by Ken Roth

Over the years I have often wondered what the Lord would say to the local churches I have served and the FMCIC if He sent an angel to give us His assessment of where we are spiritually like He did to the 7 churches in Asia Minor. As we convene another General Conference it is […]

May 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our May 26, 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will help us to discern what He is saying to us at this time and be encouraged & corrected. 2. That we will become a movement of prayer and not just one with prayer. 3. That we will grow in our understanding […]

April 2021 Update

We will be praying into the needs related to the 3 task forces that reported to the Regional Gathering this past Saturday on: racism, women in ministry and LGBTQ2S+. Praise Reports • There are 7 churches that have indicated they are interested in receiving Doug and Margie’s church prayer ministry consultation. Pray the Lord’s guidance […]