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Tis the Season

Tis the season. Tis the season for new calendars and new commitments Tis the season for changing seasons and changing hearts For stress and anxiety. For storms and chaos. And then came Jesus. “Then he [Jesus] got into the boat and his disciples followed him. Suddenly a furious store came up on the lake, so […]

National Prayer Ministry

The Free Methodist Church in Canada has initiated a National Prayer Ministry that is designed to help fan the flames of prayer in our lives and churches.  The goal is to see an obvious move of the Holy Spirit throughout our movement. Ken Roth was appointed as the National Prayer Team Coordinator, “Our dream is […]

Things I Would Do Differently as a Pastor

I’m sometimes asked, “Would you do anything differently if you were to pastor a church again?”  I think I might. Here are some of the things that popped into my mind. I would celebrate more.  I would do my best to find appropriate ways to celebrate what God is doing in our midst.  Answers to […]

3 Reasons to Stay in a Church That’s Not Cool Enough​

“At some point, most any of us who grew up in a Christianized culture are going to look around at our church, the one we have supposedly given our lives to through membership, and see that some other church in town has better music. Or a trendier vibe. Or better coffee. Or a more polished […]

3 Church Methods That Need to Change

“It’s long been said the seven last words of a church are “We’ve never done it that way before.”” This week’s Church Health Thursday share is Ed Stetzer’s  “3 Church Methods That Need to Change” where he asks, “How can churches avoid holding onto mechanisms, strategies, traditions, and the like, past their expiration date? How […]

Beautiful, Missional Feet

“In the Bible we read about “beautiful feet” (Romans 10:15). Mine are not beautiful, I assure you, in their human form. However, they are made more beautiful when they move—when they go on mission—and are missional feet.” Read all of Ed Stetzer’s “Beautiful, Missional Feet.”

A Day in the Life of a Military Chaplain

What exactly does a military chaplain do?  Well, I can’t speak for all of them but at General Conference, I did have the chance to sit down with Andrew Klinger and learn a little about what he does.  Andrew is an ordained Free Methodist pastor and military chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces currently stationed […]

God Provides Builders

Holt Free Methodist Church began back in 1909 when a farming family in Mount Albert, ON donated some of their land to build the church.  In the 1970s the old church was torn down and a new one was built.   There were concerns about taking on debt but the new church was rebuilt without a […]