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My Church…

The church I grew up in is turning 100 years old. I have been seeing letters and Facebook posts, pictures, and videos celebrating this milestone, and it’s been nice because I liked my church when I was growing up. It was a good place. I have been thinking about the role that church played in […]

Demonstrating Grace

I am listening to a podcast from Christianity Today called The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. This blog isn’t about promoting the podcast but sharing a quote from it that has rattled around in my brain for a couple of days. Paul David Tripp  is an author, counsellor, and for a short period of […]

Black History Month – A Time of Celebration Not Ritual

In April 2021, I spoke with Sharon Lindsay and Sabrina Hinds from Kingsview FMC about Black History Month (https://vimeo.com/533599135). I also spoke with David Wright about how  Bramalea Free Methodist Church celebrates Black History Month.  When David and his wife joined Bramalea FMC in 2008, the church recognized Black History Month, but David wanted it […]

I Will Never Watch Church on a Screen

Let me start with a quote.  It’s from five to ten years ago.  I am not sure who originally said it. Ready? “I will never watch church on a screen.” Remember that? Yet here we are, and most of you have probably watched church on a screen. Now to be fair, we had to, and […]

CliffsNotes – June 22, 2021

Pray Without Ceasing How do you understand Paul’s words to “pray without ceasing”? Are you frustrated by the words? Did you choose to water down the meaning: “Paul doesn’t mean ‘without ceasing’ literally – he means that we should pray ‘a lot’!? Perhaps a western worldview crept into the Bible and you have assumed sole […]

There are Still Good Stories

For the most of my adult life I have lived at least two provinces away from my folks, so, like any good son, I check in with them at least every couple of weeks. Back in olden times, those check-ins were full conversations with lots of stories and catching up, but these days not so […]

Building Loving, Caring Relationships in the Church

Wearing masks, following government restrictions, getting vaccines, and churches closing their doors and meeting online, these are all things we can agree on right?  No, we cannot and have not agreed, and it has not been nice which is the problem. Church people, brothers and sisters in Christ who used to sit next to each […]

CliffsNotes – April 20, 2021

What was Spring Gathering About? On Saturday April 17 all delegates and ministers of the Free Methodist Church in Canada Conference met for a national virtual Spring Gathering. We will be sending out the link this week to you, of the recording. The goal was communication, and we all felt that the information being shared deserved […]