Kisemanito Pakitinawsuwin – "The Creator’s Sacrifice" Art Banners

The Indigenous Christian Fellowship (ICF) is a Canadian Indigenous urban ministry serving the spiritual and social needs of Indian and Metis people of Regina, Saskatchewan. ICF was established by the Christian Reformed Church in 1978. While affirming individual and cultural contributions, ICF celebrates the Creator’s gift of healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Among North American indigenous peoples, there is the story that, before Europeans arrived on Turtle Island, elders had visions about white people coming from the east with a story from the Creator. In 2002, Indigenous Christian Fellowship (ICF) commissioned Cree artist Ovide Bighetty to depict the vision that an elder had of Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin - The Creator’s Sacrifice (the Easter story or the passion of Jesus Christ). Ovide accepted the challenge to paint the story in a fashion consistent with both the accounts in the gospels and aboriginal culture.

Ovide painted the elder’s vision of the Easter story in his own aboriginal style which he describes as ‘Woodland Cree’. The setting for this Christian aboriginal artwork is the pre-European landscape of Ovide’s childhood home, Pukatawagan First Nation, Manitoba, Canada.

Proceeds from this auction will go directly to Indigenous Christian Fellowship.