Bishop’s Notes – April 6, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

As we come into Easter week, I trust that this will be a very spiritually rich time for you as a follower of the Lord Jesus.

It’s a wonderful time to reaffirm that He is Lord over our lives and that all we have and are have been fully given to Him.


The Arlington Beach Regional Gathering met on Saturday.  For me, in addition to the energized interaction among local church leaders, I was especially moved by the stories of two of our small village churches that have experienced powerful breakthroughs and, in contrast to what we heard in 2007 they are now very hopeful about the future God has for them.

On Sunday, it was good to be back at First FMC in Moose Jaw to celebrate Palm Sunday and to see the enthusiastic intergenerational engagement as the young children participated in the service.  Afterwards, we shared in a fundraising lunch to raise funds for a group of teens and young adults who are heading out on a mission trip to Belize (painting and setting up a library, aids education, DVBS).  There is a wonderful spirit of generosity and good momentum in Moose Jaw these days.

There are pics in the Photo Gallery from both of these events.

Earlier Debbie Hogeboom wrote about a great opportunity to help hungry people in Kenya: “Famine is all over the country — The present crisis is compounded by the post-election violence of last year, government corruption and inability to bring a long-term solution to the cycle of drought and floods.  Where maize is available for purchase locally, it is priced beyond what most people can afford.  It will be several months before crops, where the rains have come, will be harvested.  The immediate need is to provide food to church people in the most affected areas where there is little food or it is too expensive.  Funds would be used to purchase maize (and transport it to some of these areas).  If the Canadian Bishop’s Famine and Relief Fund could send $2000 – 3000, it would be much appreciated.”

Because FMCiC churches give generously to World Relief, $2,500 is on its way to Kenya to help meet this need.

We want to offer our congratulations and pray blessings on friends that the BOA has approved as follows: 
Ordained Minister:  David Greene (Harrowsmith FMC, ON) to transfer into the FMCiC from the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada (CCCC).

Ministerial Candidates:  Andrew Klinger (Saskatoon FMC), Caylen Robertson (Eyebrow FMC, SK), Barron Timmons (West Springs FMC, Calgary) to serve as Ministerial Candidates.  Andrew and Caylen were presented with their certificates at the Arlington Beach Regional Gathering.  See their pics in the Arlington Regional Gathering pics in the Photo Gallery.

Have a great week serving Jesus.


Bishop Keith

P.S.  Remember.  If you are wondering about something related to the FMCIC and its ministry, please send your question to [email protected].

Arlington Beach Regional Gathering
First FMC, Moose Jaw, SK