The Administrative Services Department, headed by Mark Molczanski, manages the following areas; finance (including payroll), personal benefits, pensions, investments, property management, corporate administration, bequests and other legal affairs for The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Core Giving funds the oversight, empowerment and administrative ministries of the FMCIC


Central Payroll is a bank payroll system operated as a service by the Ministry Centre

Central Payroll

Group benefits requirements and coverage

Group Benefits

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By working together local churches can support a number of ministry areas that maximize our effectiveness

Giving Streams

Up to date information for Church Treasurer's

Treasurer's information

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Ministers Pension

Do I qualify to receive a Clergy Residence Allowance?

Clegry Residence

Help registered charities comply with the rules found in the Income Tax Act

Government Returns

Do you have a will? Do you need one? Have a say about how your property is distributed.

Planned Giving

Our Foundations exist to support FMCIC work.


Providing a safe environment for children who are in attendance.

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