The Administrative Services Department, headed by Mark Molczanski, manages the following areas; finance (including payroll), personal benefits, pensions, investments, property management, corporate administration and legal affairs for The Free Methodist Church in Canada.
Mark Molczanski
Director of Administrative and Financial Services
Mark can help with:
Incorporation; Investments, Legal Affairs, Property Management, Corporate administration;
Roseline Isaac Contact Roseline if you need help with: Bequests, Group Benefits, Payroll, Aldersgate transcripts, Sponsorship, Wills, Pension, information regarding GST and HST, email
Ah Sun Kim
Senior Accountant
Contact Ah Sun if you need help with: Payroll, Group Benefits, Pension email
Isabel Garcia
Accounting Assitant
Contact Isabel if you need help with: Accounts payable & receivable; donation receipts, remittance forms, DB Pension email