Understanding Finances & The Free Methodist Church in Canada

As a connectional denomination – meaning that we value the importance of working together in ministry – The Free Methodist Church in Canada has two primary financial mechanisms for helping us do that.

  • CORE GIVING funds the national Operations Budget of The Free Methodist Church in Canada.
  • GIVING STREAMS funds outreach activities that we have collectively agreed to participate in. OUR COMMON GOAL is to work together to maximize our commitments and involvements beyond your local church.

CORE GIVING from local churches primarily supports the ministry of our National Leadership Team (NLT) and the ministry areas they represent. Core Giving funds the oversight, empowerment and administrative ministries of the NLT. Among other things these include:

  • providing leadership, quality assurance and accountability for pastoral leaders across the country,
  • training and development of present and future leaders of the FMCiC,
  • legal, administrative, payroll, medical benefits, pension services for pastors and churches across the country
  • providing training, resources, and strategic planning services for churches seeking to function in a healthy manner intheir own communities
  • providing training, resources, and strategic planning services for churches reaching out to diverse peoples in their own community as well as around the world.

Local churches are asked to contribute a tithe (10%) of their monthly Operating Receipts toward these leadership ministries which support the development of healthy churches across Canada and beyond.

GIVING STREAMS participation helps to support a number of ministry areas that maximize our impact beyond our local churches. Each church, at the local level, decides what contributions will be made and where those funds will be directed. These “together” ministries allow our influence to expand throughout Canada and beyond. Your monthly Remittance Form has headings for each of these Streams; the national office staff follow your instruction as found on this form.

    Developing new healthy churches in communities across Canada is a priority. Donations to the Church Development Stream will make funds available to help with the start-up ofnew church plants across the country
    Free Methodists want to be involved in touching our world. Donations to the Global Ministries Giving Stream enables support for our Canadian missionaries, provides training for indigenous leaders, allows us to reach into unreached parts of the world, and to share our resources with the poor and disenfranchised.
    Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in the Free Methodist Church is a priority. Donations to this Stream will fund students preparing for ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada as well pastor’s conferences and other leadership training programs.

If you have further questions about the purpose or functioning of CORE and GIVING STREAMS, please feel free to contact our Administrative Services staff.