“…much more can be accomplished through ten people who discover and live within their call than 100 who are unsure.” Gordon Cosby

Eric Sandras, author of Buck Naked Faith, (Nav Press) was looking for a modern day example of real community and feels he found it when he discovered the Church of the Savior in Washington D.C. Gordon Cosby, the octogenarian founder, is still active in it. The Church of the Savior is a place where seekers could mature in their calling without becoming ingrown, isolated or irrelevant to the needs in the community. “Gordon’s community,” said Sandras, “is simply a place to discover God’s call on their lives that could change someone’s world.”

Internships help women and men in our congregations discover and live within their call. We have had internships since 2000. We started with four in the first year and have had up to eight per year ever since.

Some internships help a passionate person to investigate a call. Other internships will help a candidate clarify their call by sharpening their gifts and graces. Still others can use an internship as a launch into full-time ministry. To qualify for an internship a candidate needs to build a relationship with the supervising pastor. A plan to discover God’s call needs to be developed between them. There are checklists for pastor and intern to complete on our website.

In 2000 we had $25,000 invested in interns. In 2005 we increased that to $46,000. Expanding internships even more will happen as funds become available through Leadership Giving Streams. This is just one of the ways Leadership Giving Streams is helping to create leaders for now and the future. Thanks for investing in leaders through the Giving Streams.

Rev. Alan Retzman is Director of Personnel for The Free Methodist Church in Canada