If My People
Virtual Prayer Summit
(Thursday, May 14, 2020, 7-8:30pm)

Join us to learn more about prayer and then to pray together in breakout groups about what you learn during our virtual prayer summit.

We will be led by a couple, Doug & Margie Newton, who presently head up the National Prayer Ministry of the Free Methodist Church USA. They come with great hearts of prayer and experience in teaching pastoral couples and churches how to pray. The topics they will cover are:

Prayer: The Technology of the Kingdom

The word “technology” refers to how things work and function. Ironically, in our technological world that creates so many incredible possibilities, Jesus’ followers are often conditioned to trust data-driven, seminar-based, “find-the-right-button-to-push” ways and methods for getting results rather than God’s ways. In this session the Newtons will help us understand and make the shift back to His kingdom technology.

What is a Biblical “House of Prayer?”

You may be surprised to hear the Newtons saying even churches with 75% of the people attending prayer services are not necessarily functioning as true biblical house of prayer. But in the end, when you discover what the Bible reveals on that topic, a whole new hope just may spring up in your heart and church.

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