Internship Program

Internship Program


Developing Emerging Leaders

  • Are you looking for a place to work alongside a pastor who can model leadership for you in a church, church plant, youth ministry, children's ministry?
  • Are you looking for a person who can help you discover what area of ministry you are most suited to pursue?
  • Are you looking for a coach who can help you develop a personal ministry plan and schedule steps to accomplish the plan?

The Internship program of the Free Methodist Church in Canada will seek to place you in a ministry environment that will help you develop into a leader.

Being licensed as a Lay Minister by a local Free Methodist Church is the ideal for being approved for the Internship Program. (Exceptions are considered on an individual basis)  It would be best for you to talk with your pastor who will help you prepare an application for the official board of the church.

INTERNS CHECKLIST                                WORD format       .PDF format
For information and applications for the Canada Summer Jobs 2014 wage subsidy program, go to:  Canada Summer Jobs 2014
 *PLEASE NOTE:  Application deadline for the federal government subsidy program is January 31, 2014) 

Requirements: Local Church

  • Has done NCD twice and has a plan of action
  • Is doing Bases or their own similar form thereof
  • Has recommendation in their Official Board minutes regarding the internship
  • Has completed application and signed it
  • Agrees to apply for any government grants both federally and provincially
  • Will secure adequate/average room and board for the intern as a minimum form of remuneration, if applicable

Requirements:  Supervising Pastor

  • will be responsible for the internship at the local church
  • will not be gone more than 2 weeks twice during internship (especially if s/he is the mentor)
  • agrees to at least a 50/50 split on learner/doer ratio
  • agrees to attend any scheduled internship training
  • will provide a mid-term and a final written evaluation to the Director of Personnel office

Requirements: Intern

  • is a member of a local FMC
  • has built a relationship with the supervising pastor where s/he wants to be an intern
  • attends any internship training when scheduled
  • has seen and approves of the room and board arrangements, if applicable
  • will initiate process with his/her school for supervised ministry credit, if applicable
  • will provide a final written evaluation to the Director of Personnel office

Purpose of FMCiC Internships:

  • Confirmation and affirmation of an intern's call to pastoral leadership
  • Training leaders in and for The Free Methodist Church in Canada
  • Training and equipping men and women for ministry positions in the setting of the local church
  • An opportunity for a learner/intern to get next to a pastoral team in the local church, over an extended period of time:
    • to catch what God is doing in a local church and let it become part of his/her emerging ministry DNA
    • to be mentored
    • to be a sensitive observer and learner
    • to be coached in specific ministry opportunities that will help evaluate an intern's SHAPE for ministry.